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Michael Yovino

Walter Hickey

Joseph Bottoni

Margaret Bottoni

Weldon Storey

Frank W. Buckles is proud to extend a 10% discount to AARP members as well as all veterans.


Welcome to   This site is dedicated to the preservation of memories and stories so they can be shared with family, S. Connollyfriends, and loved ones.  This picture is of my grandfather.  It was taken during the Second World War and in a way inspired the creation of this site.  Losing my grandparents at a young age made me realize when I was older how important the simple things like family stories and pictures could be, especially when they are told firsthand by the people who lived them.  LastingLegacy is committed to helping you share the stories you want told and preserving your memories for your friends, children, and grandchildren.  While LastingLegacy does accept legacies that are submitted by friends and family of the departed, it is our goal to have the majority of these legacies created firsthand by the people themselves so that there will be no more forgotten or untold stories.


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