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Tell me a little bit about growing up

I was born in 1935 in a little place called Towns, Georgia.  As you know that was during the time of the Great Depression.  We were probably as poor as anyone else, but we really didn’t realize it.  As a child during that time you thought that was how it was supposed to be because everyone was that poor. We were a big and happy family.  For the most part we had food, and for that we were very fortunate.  We wore many hand me downs, but we always had clothes. They may have been worn and washed many times, but we didn’t think it was bad because everyone else at school was in the same situation. 

We had a poor but happy childhood.  My father was a farmer because that is what his father had done. He loved the earth and growing things, but after working as a farmer for some time he came to Jacksonville and got a job as a steamfitter in the shipyards. He would do that for a couple of years and then get tired of it and move us back to Georgia to farm. Then after a time he would grow tired of farming and again we would move back to Jacksonville. So in away we were like a family of gypsies.  We lived near the beach for awhile and as a child that was a lot of fun.  We had a lot of good times on the beach. Sometimes whales would die and float up on the beach and we would always go to look. 

My father worked very hard and after awhile he developed a drinking problem, which put some stress on the family.  But for the most part we had a happy life growing up. I think my father developed a drinking problem later in life when the pressure of making enough money to provide for his six children and wife began to weigh too heavily on him.  The fact that alcoholism was part of his family growing up did not help.  At that time it wasn’t store bought booze, but instead it was alcohol that was homeade. Although it was worrisome from time to time due to my father’s drinking, for the most part my childhood was a happy time.  Eventually in his later life he got away from the addiction and for that I am grateful.  


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