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I got married right out of high school, and then started having children.  I had five children: Trey, Allen, Roger, Donna, and Randy.  During that time we moved around a lot, as my first husband was in the military. 

Being a young child during WWII my memory of that is not great.  However, one event from my earlier life that does stand out very clearly is the day that JFK was shot.  I was in New Jersey and it was very cold that November, extremely cold. At the time we were stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey and lived in Bordentown, NJ.   I didn’t have a clothes dryer, so I was hanging clothes outside. When I went back in the television was on and I heard that the President was shot. I was in shock and I could not believe it.  At that time it was like a member of the family had passed away.  We were so shaken by it.  It didn’t necessary affect my life directly, but just hearing about it was very depressing. 


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