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I graduated high school early.  We had a four room school with classes held together and I had skipped a couple of grades.  I graduated when I was 16, which was too young, and I’m sorry I did.  Once out of high school there were no jobs because the Depression was still winding down. However, I did get a job in 1940 or 1941, when they were starting to build up the defense effort before the war. I got a job in an aircraft factory, which was eventually run by Henry Kiser.  I worked in the tool and die shop. I had a job that I could have kept out of the service, but they were giving me deferments at only six months at a time, and back then I said I couldn’t live my life six months at a time.  I wanted to be in or out, and that was the best that they would do.  So in 1942, I said forget it, threw my job aside, and answered the call.  I wanted to be in or out, and if my job was important to the war effort and you needed me here to help I will help, but if  months from now I would have to go through the whole thing again, no way.  So in 1944, I ended up in Fort Riley, Kansas, to enter basic training.




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